Voicemail Services

Do you want the ease of having an answering machine but not having to purchase another piece of equipment?

A Voicemail answers your calls with a personalized greeting set by you, and saves all messages left for you to listen to at your convenience. You can retrieve voicemails from your phone, or from another phone, no matter where you are at.

Customize Your Phone Service

Nextgen Broadband Voicemail

Create Your Greeting in the New System

  1. Dial your local access number
  2. Enter your mailbox number (your 10-digit phone number)
  3. Enter your password, preset code is 9999 (Clear Lake) or 1234 (Glenwood City) followed by the # key
  4. You will be asked to change this number right away
  5. Press 9 for voice mail setup menu
  6. Press 1 for greeting option
  7. Press 4 to record your greeting
  8. Record your greeting and then press #
  9. Press 2 to keep your greeting
  10. Press * (not #) to go back to the setup menu
  11. Press 4 for auto login
  12. Enable Auto Login: from your home phone, to get your messages, dial *48 (not#)

Voicemail Local Access Number

Change Your Mailbox PIN

  1. Dial your local access number
  2. Press 9 to access mailbox setup options
  3. Press 2 to change your password (PIN)
  4. Enter your new PIN and press #
  5. When prompted to verify the PIN, enter it again then press #