Custom phone solutions with NextGen Broadband

NextGen Broadband offers customizable phone services to suit your needs and continues to revolutionize those services for our customers.

We also offer personalized assistance built on our core hometown values. For more information and friendly support, please call us at 715.263.2755.Your customizable phone service is built on ever-advancing technology noted for excellent clarity and reliability. It also includes a variety of easy-to-use advantages that make communicating faster, easier, and more productive than ever before.

Clear Lake Phone Services

We provide phone services to both Business & Residential clients.

We offer a wide variety of additional enhanced calling features


Call Waiting

Caller ID

Caller ID on Call Waiting

3-Way Call

Warm Line

Teen Line

ECC Call Detail on Bill

Call Rejection

Private Call Rejection

LD Access Code

Toll Restriction

Voicemail Restriction

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forward No Answer

Speed Calling 8

Speed Calling 30

Call Transfer

Line Hunting

Non-Listed Number

Non-Published Number